All hardware and software for industrial automation


We supply all necessary hardware and software for industrial automation projects within a wide range of business sectors. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in industrial automation, we guarantee personalized product advice to your needs and capabilities. We have been following the latest technological developments closely since the introduction of the first PLCs a few decades ago. This way you are assured of the most innovative solution for your industrial installation at all times.Our customers include machine builders, system integrators and the in-house engineering teams of industrial companies. Looking for the right components? 


Data collection

Automation start with collection of data from your plant floor. The diversity of equipments, machines and systems that are alredy installed in a factory with the addition of the future ones make is complex to collect the different data required to control, visualize and optimize your production.

With a long history and experience of  industrial data collection, Control & Protetcion has selected partners that can communicate via hundred of protocols. So whatever your I/O, PLC, SCADA you have already install or plan to install, we will have solutions to connect to it and get the right data to help you maximize your production.


Data storage

Industrial data need industrial storage! You can build it using an SQL database and manage it with an IT team OR you can use an industrial database software. Control & Protection can show you how easy it is to store millions of data into safe and simple tool. With almost zero maintenance and no requirement for IT knowledge, your local or cloud data lake has never been so easy to setup ad use.

Do not start your Industry 4.0 without the right platform to store your most valuable asset : your industrial data! 


Data visualisation

Control your process is key. So Control & Protetcion has made no compromise on this key fonction and has selected the major player in HMI/SCADA solutions worlwide. With more than 40 years of product history, there is no doubt that our solutions will help your operator to better tun your process.

Easy devevelopment, fast deployment, object orientation, intelligent alarm mangement, multiple architecture, etc… all the features required to build your best in class HMI/SCADA systems is available by Control & Protection. And we can train & help your engineer for the development or maintenance phase of your project.


Data analytics

Many industrial sit on their data. They collect and store them but do not use them. There is many different ways to analyze the data to get value of it. From very simple to very complexe analysis, Control & Protection can help you select the right tool for your needs. Taking into account the actual challenge, without jeopardize the future. By using standard software used by many customers worlwide and based on the experience of recognize industrial editors, we can guarantee that the outcome and return on investment will be more than what you would have expected!


Robotics automation

Control & Protection has established several partnership with key manufacturer to provide robotics solutions to its customer. From prehension or tools to complete palletizer solutions, Control & Protection will support your robotic projects together with its partners.
OnRobot, Doosan, EasyRobotics and DefiTech are some of the technical solutions that Control & Protection has already installed on production floor.

Need product advice?

Not sure what product to use ? You lack data to move to AI, but not sure how to store them properly ? If you have questions about your actual or future automation, Control & Protection will have an answer. Do not hesitate, contact us !

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Need product advice?

Need a training or project support ? We have the specialist to assist you. Don’t wait and contact us.

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Hardware for industrial automation

Thanks to our close cooperation with Emerson, our product range contains all possible hardware components (PLCs, I/ O’s, HMIs, …) for industrial automation. In recent years, Emerson has developed into a worldwide quality reference in the field of industrial automation. 

Software for industrial automation

In addition to the hardware components, we also provide the required software for industrial automation. For this we work as an official partner with GE Digital.

We offer the total package of software for the efficient follow-up of all production processes via HMI, SCADA, MES, IoT, Historian database and analytic applications.

Who are our customers for industrial automation?

For many years we have been the trusted partner and supplier of machine builders and system integrators who specialize in industrial automation. In addition, we deliver directly to the end customer, the engineering teams of industrial companies.

Extra services

Our services exceed the supply of components and sales of software for industrial automation. We think along with the customer as much as possible. Together we analyze the functional and technical challenges of your industrial automation project. Our technical advisers  provide personalized product advice for the right hardware components and adapted software.  In addition we provide extra services like support, maintenance contracts, training, consultancy assignments and risk analyses based on Windows Server 2008.


01 January 2023

Utilities supervized by iFIX

iFIX and Historian control and monitor the utilities of all buildings of a major French University Hospital Center in the south of France.

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Looking for a job?

Automation is key for our customers, which is why Control & Protection is always looking for new talent. If you want to be part of the Industry 4.0 and the industrial modernization, check out our job offering.

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