UltraTEV Managed survey


Product update for both new and existing users of the UltraTEV plus 2. Last week a major update was carried out on the software of this measuring instrument. For our existing customers, this update will be performed when calibrating your measuring instrument.

Below you can find exactly what this update means.

The latest addition to the UltraTEV® family is Managed Surveys. This new and innovative cloud-based platform migrates the UltraTEV® Plus2 from a periodic inspection tool to a fully managed asset health assessment solution. With access to the UltraTEV® cloud, your standalone instrument is repositioned into a fully integrated partial discharge state (PD) assessment ecosystem.

Consistent planning: the right survey with the right measurements at the right time.

Consistent measurement: always the right sensor in the right place in the right order.

Consistent Results & Analysis: Always the right results presented and classified in the right way.

Consistent trending: comparing the right results to support the right intervention every time.

Consistent reporting: the right information to make the right decision at the right time.

Why choose Managed Surveys?

Spot trends and identify problems before they lead to costly failures.

Only intervene when necessary and decide on the cheapest intervention.

Carry out cheaper planned interventions instead of expensive emergency stops.

Optimize time on site by using 'Guided Mode' surveys.

Generate consistent data by running consistent surveys every time.

Securely manage multiple users on a fleet of UltraTEV® Plus2 devices.

Connect to UltraTEV® Cloud and manage weeks of workload, then work offline.

Manage the entire process from assigning surveys to reviewing results.

Graphical analysis suite supported by access to PD experts on demand.

Scalable implementation from one location to an integrated business solution.