The New Multifunctional Power Clamp Meter


The new Megger DPM1000 Power Clamp meter combines
the functionality of power measurements, harmonics and
data logger in one user-friendly package.

The DPM1000 can measure DC, AC, pulsed and mixed currents up to 1000 A.
by simply clamping the jaw around the conductor under voltages up to 1000 V AC or DC
can be measured by the supplied test leads where power measurements are required
are performed, the above techniques are performed simultaneously.

One device for all power-related parameters including energy consumption,
frequency, total harmonic distortion, distortion factor and capacitance.
It has automatic range and 3 phase rotation indication.
The DPM1000 measures single and three phase active power and power factor.

The harmonic content of the signal can be displayed up to the 25th harmonic. Temperature measurements can be made up to 1000 °C with the supplied thermocouple.

The DPM 1000 can be used to perform data logging
to its internal non-volatile memory. You can store up to 9999 measurements / records in memory and the data to produce graphs and reports is downloadable from the device. The time of the measured signal can be set from 1 sec to 600 sec. The timer accuracy is within 3 seconds per hour.

Now available at Control & Protection. Be sure to check out the product page for more information. For questions you can contact us via the contact form