The New Megger testers for electricians


2021 is almost in sight and Megger is launching 2 new measuring devices for electricians. The Megger MET1000 all in one True RMS electrical tester and the TPT420 voltage tester. Now available at Control & Protection

The New Megger MET1000

The Megger MET1000 is a multi-function voltage and current tester that provides electricians and electrical engineers with a versatile and rugged handheld all-in-one meter, with detachable test leads. With both LED and LCD screens, it provides the user with a 200A AC and 1000V AC / DC tester designed for everyday use. CATIV 600 V / CATIII 1000 V rated, with an IP65 housing for added protection, it reduces the number of testers needed in the professional's tool bag. For more information view the product page via the first button.

The New Megger TPT420

The New Megger TPT420 replaces the Megger TPT320 from now on. The Megger TPT320 will no longer be available. The Megger TPT420 voltage tester is designed to provide electricians and electrical engineers with a user-friendly voltage indication tool. The meter continues to warn the user of dangerous test voltages even if the batteries are dead. With both LCD and LED displays, the TPT420 offers both AC and DC voltage measurement - from 12 to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC. In addition, a continuity function in the range of 0 to 500 kΩ is included and for added safety, continuity and voltage measurements are also accompanied by an acoustic siren. For more information view the product page via the second button.

Now available through Control & Protection. Be sure to check out the product page below for more information. If you have any questions or would like more information about this product, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.