The New handheld Ducter ohmmeter


The New DLRO2 handheld Ducter Ohmmeter from Megger 

The DLRO2 is a robust, portable 2Amp low resistance meter. Designed to take fast, accurate, repeatable measurements. Even in environments where there is a lot of electrical noise. A high level of safety is provided for the utility or industrial user Cat III 600V / Cat IV 300V according to IEC61010. The instrument has up to 600V active protection against accidental live connections without blowing a fuse, reducing time lost through repairs or searching for a new fuse. The IP54 classification of the device makes it possible to carry out tests outside in rain and / or dusty environments. With the DLRO2 you can even perform tests with long test leads with test currents up to 1A at resistances of 4 ohms. To enable testing of small inductive loads, the DLRO2 can reach a test current of 2A for up to 15 seconds. The battery charging time of the DLRO2 is 2.5 hours.

The new difference meter

The DLRO2 is equipped with an innovative feature called "difference meter". This allows repeatable measurements to continue to be compared with the initial reference measurement. The "difference meter" shows a percentage difference and with a movement of a needle / pointer to represent it visually. A new reference measurement can be set at the touch of a button.

Features and benefits

  • Select functions easily with the rotary knob 
  • Option to run the test in bidirectional mode or unidirectional mode to save time and battery power. 
    • The ability to view 3 results on the screen at any time makes it ideal for three-phase systems. 
  • Overcome the effects of standing EMF voltages with the bidirectional test mode. Forward and reverse results can be viewed on the secondary display. 
  • For stability of the results, the instrument will warn you of electrical noise, or noise from a bad clip / probe connection. 
  • Continue testing as long as possible as 500 tests of 3 seconds at 2A and a full charge. 
  • Supplied with compact Cat III 600V / Cat IV 300V Kelvin clip test leads.

Now available through Control & Protection. Be sure to check out the product page below for more information. If you have any questions or would like more information about this product, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

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