Action: Megger's e-charging point special


Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on our roads. These vehicles must be charged in a safe manner. That is why Megger presents the following 2 measuring devices plus software package in a bundle at bundle prices.

1) The MFT1845 +

The MFT1845 + is the new sequential Multifunction tester in its range.

With some new tests such as:

  • Voltage TRMS up to 600V
  • Insulation tests at 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • TYPE A, AC, S & B
  • 6MA DC residual current device test for electric charging stations
  • CAT IV / IP 54 / CA. 1.2KG / with batteries
  • ground test without pins, using optional terminals

2) The EVCA210

The EVCA210, a test adapter for measuring the charging points of electric vehicles.

This adapter has some functionalities such as:

  • Push button to pre-test PE (PE Pre-Test)
  • Push button to simulate short circuit (CP Error “E”)
  • Push button to simulate earth fault (PE Error)
  • Type 2 charging plug for charging points with wall socket or
  • fixed cable with vehicle connector
  • Type 1 Charging plug for charging points with fixed cable
  •  and vehicle connector (Optional)
  • IP54 classification
  • Complies with the LVD2014 / 35 low voltage directive

3) Dokustore 4.0

Dokustore 4.0 a software package to save measurement reports from your MFT1845.


The e-charging point bundle is available until March 31. For more information about this bundle, please view the datasheets below or contact our technical and / or commercial representatives.