Software for industrial automation

In addition to the hardware components, we also provide the required software for industrial automation. For the software we work as an official partner with GE Digital and PTC.  View the online product catalog for industrial automation.

We offer the total package of software to monitor  all production processes efficiently through HMI, SCADA, MES, IoT, Historian Database and analysis applications. 


With our HMI / SCADA software applications  GE Cimplicity and GE iFIX we offer the right solution for visualizing, controlling and supervising all possible production processes in every situation.


With GE Plant Applications we have an extremely powerful software solution for creating an overall MES portal. This portal - based on the four possible modules Quality, Batch Analysis, Efficiency and Production - forms an indispensable basis to optimize your production processes, inventory management, output quality, etc.

Database- and analytic applications

GE Historian and GE Historian Analysis guarantee the perfect solution for collecting, processing and archiving large amounts of process data from SCADA. Subsequently, this data is customized and made available to the various users, which is  perfectly possible on premise or through the cloud.

IoT platform

Internet of Things (IoT) offers numerous possibilities for industrial automation. IoT applications make it possible to send and receive data (remotely) between different applications, sensors and applications. Our IoT platform is the crucial link between all of these components. The platform provides the required connections and allows an analysis of your processes. The platform translates the enormous amounts of data that it collects into usable information. There are virtually endless applications of IoT. We collaborate with GE Digital's Operations Hub and PTC's  Tingworx as our IoT platforms.


With the powerful and flexible communication tool Kepware we offer the perfect software solution to interconnect data from different sources. By connecting this data you make better informed decisions and you prevent downtimes of your machines. Kepware makes it possible to connect, manage, monitor and control software applications and automation solutions from different brands in a flexible way.



Thanks to these intelligent data links, it is possible to inform and warn the right people at the right locations with the right information. This way you can analyze the available information in the most efficient way.