All hardware and software for industrial automation

We supply all necessary hardware and software for industrial automation projects within a wide range of business sectors. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in industrial automation, we guarantee personalized product advice to your needs and capabilities. We have been following the latest technological developments closely since the introduction of the first PLCs a few decades ago. This way you are assured of the most innovative solution for your industrial installation at all times.Our customers include machine builders, system integrators and the in-house engineering teams of industrial companies. Looking for the right components? 

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Hardware for industrial automation

Thanks to our close cooperation with Emerson, our product range contains all possible hardware components (PLCs, I/ O’s, HMIs, ...) for industrial automation. In recent years, Emerson has developed into a worldwide quality reference in the field of industrial automation. 

Software for industrial automation

In addition to the hardware components, we also provide the required software for industrial automation. For this we work as an official partner with GE Digital and PTC

We offer the total package of software for the efficient follow-up of all production processes via HMI, SCADA, MES, IoT, Historian database and analytic applications.

Who are our customers for industrial automation?

For many years we have been the trusted partner and supplier of machine builders and system integrators who specialize in industrial automation. In addition, we deliver directly to the end customer, the engineering teams of industrial companies.

Extra services

Our services exceed the supply of components and sales of software for industrial automation. We think along with the customer as much as possible. Together we analyze the functional and technical challenges of your industrial automation project. Our technical advisers  provide personalized product advice for the right hardware components and adapted software.  In addition we provide extra services like support, maintenance contracts, training, consultancy assignments and risk analyses based on Windows Server 2008.

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