Megger Guide for insulation testing above 1kV

electrical insulation Degrades over time
due to various factors imposed on it
during his normal working life. The insulation is designed
to resist these factors for a period of several years,
this would be considered the life of the insulation.
his often adds up for decades.

Abnormal stresses can cause the natural aging process to accelerate and that the
life of the insulation is considerably shortened. For this reason, it is good to run regular tests to determine whether or not progressive aging occurs and, if possible, determine whether or not the effects are reversible.

The purpose of diagnostic isolation testing is:

  • To identify increased aging.
  • To find out the cause of this aging.
  • To identify the most appropriate actions, if possible
    to correct the situation.

This booklet is based on the principles laid down in the booklet 'A Stitch in Time ...'

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