Reduce costs and risks by allowing the operator to work with high-performance models based on visualization.

iFIX leverages the latest HMI / SCADA technologies that provide faster insights and improved efficiency for users, while providing rapid application development for system integrators. In addition to an HTML5 interface, iFIX has graphical controls to modernize the HMI / SCADA experience. The intuitive user experience reduces operator errors and improves response time to events and accidents. iFIX combines proven HMI / SCADA capabilities used by thousands of organizations around the world with new advanced features to deliver the best in its class.

Improve situational awareness

Fast response with modern screens based on a powerful graphical control and a powerful HMI with model-based navigation.

Shorten the time to find a solution.

Switch to automatic generation of HMI / SCADA solutions and take advantage of zero-deployment clients with centralized management.

Realize visualization anytime, anywhere

Act where you need it with native response web design.

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