Operations Hub is a centralized environment for collecting and visualizing contextual and situational information for industrial applications, supporting RAD (Rapid Application Development) and rich displays for faster operational response and better decision making.

Accelerate the development of rich web applications

Operations Hub allows nondevelopers to quickly assemble displays through an extensive library of widgets and the operator can organize them for responsive visualization. You can easily define data sources and entities for connected devices and create querries to transform the data into actionable information. Drag-and-drop design allows for easy placement and configuration of visualization components on the display.

Deliver actionable information through displays and data collection

Using the extensive widget library, you can easily create informative displays with charts, tables, images, videos, maps and more. It offers data entry widgets for user input to collect data from the operators, interaction with the data is possible so that commands can be sent back to connected interfaces. Operators can view additional views related to the data, change the context, or enter the data manually.

Information at your fingertips

Information is readily available on PC and mobile phones, so you can access information and insight into your activities anywhere, anytime.

Fast and automatic response

Operations Hub allows you to trigger automatic actions based on human events or device data. You can configure actions to drive data queries, send emails, or send commands to devices. The native web clients do not require client installations for time savings.

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