Webspace offers a user-friendly, complete web and mobile client with which you can expand, enlarge and improve your new or existing application systems. It allows complete control and visualization of your corporate intranet or secure internet without the need to change or modify your software application and can be set up in minutes.


Webspace extends the display of your application and controls the possibilities directly in a web browser without the need for screen conversions. It supports animated displays that give you advanced controls and visualization via IOS, Android and a web browser.

Save time and money

Save time and money with Webspace. You can improve your time-to-action, because there is no client configuration and the possibility to expand screens directly. Reduce costs with one server that delivers three applications of your choice, iOS, Android and browser access.


Rapid response to HMI / SCADA events and data by sharing information anytime, anywhere with Webspace. Improve your information exchange with your team through a fully functional, secure web and mobile client active across the facility or globe.

Imrpdoved security

No restrictions on the safe control of third party controls and the adoption of their security controls. With the e-signature, it improves security.

Improved functionality

Webspace extends your iFix and CIMPLICITY system display and control capabilities directly in a web browser or tablet. Increase your flexibility by dynamically adjusting control points and viewing multiple systems simultaneously.

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