Proficy Web HMI works with iFIX, CIMPLICITY and Proficy Historian and provides a powerful HMI for multiple data sources to improve environmental awareness and enable operators to respond faster. Web HMI modernizes visualization and directs the correct operator actions at a glance. Web HMI also facilitates development, implementation and maintenance. This model-based software will move you to automatically generate your HMI runtime application. Utilizing HTML5 technology and centralized management, the true native Web clients provide access anywhere, anytime and require no client installation.

High-quality visualization

Web HMI is designed according to the ISA HMI guidelines for high performance and changes the visualization experience to optimize operator performance. Each window offers a different perspective or view of the displayed item, interchangeable for a personalized experience. Operators automatically see asset-related data based on the model, accelerating awareness and response.

Reduce development by up to 40%

With Web HMI, you never start with a blank sheet of paper. Instead, you define your structured asset model and then assign it to the SCADA database. Save time by once defining the assets for each class.

Centralized management

Deploying and maintaining has never been easier. Using HTML5 technology, Web HMI reduces implementation and maintenance time. The true native web clients do not require client installation.

Enable digital twin technology with data, visualization and control

Web HMI provides a foundation for your digital industrial journey by connecting your assets and creating a digital imitation - or twin - of a process, network or device. Operators can visualize and identify important information and then take appropriate action.

Secure by design, cloud ready

Web HMI provides encrypted communication from your web client using SSL / digital certificate plus it is IT security friendly and cloud ready.

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