ProFeeder Flex

The ProFeeder Flex is the new entrant in the ProFeeder family, that already has over 500 units across the globe. It is a robot cell that allows flexible maneuvering around the factory premise. It is a highly compact and supple ProFeeder that is compatible with various robot brands such as Universal Robot A/S, Kassow Robots, Doosan, Hanwha Group, AUBO Robotics, FANUC Corporation and many more.

EasyRobotics is a pioneer in designing innovative products that help the manufacturers in gaining maximum output in less time, and the new ProFeeder Flex is one of them, created to provide flexibility and ease-to-move advantage to the manufacturers in their limited production facility and assembly lines. Manufacturers can select the ProFeeder Flex as per their requirement from three distinguishing models:

  1. FlexBase - equipped with compartment for controller and pedestal
  2. FlexOne - one table
  3. FlexThree - three tables

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