ProFeeder Compact XL

The Profeeder Compact XL is a perfect solution for production of bigger series and automation of machine tending process.  It is compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots and has robust design.

ProFeeder Compact XL is a capacious but compact robot-cell movable around the production area. It is versatile and can be used in collaboration with any other EasyRobotics products.

Compact XL does not have a robot mount - therefore, you need to use it in conjunction with pedestals (like EasyPedestal) or multifunctional robotic cells (Like ProFeeder or ProFeeder X), where the robot can be mounted. This robot-cell has a high capacity, so it can be used as an additional storage for parts, as well as placed next to CNC machines in order to increase autonomy and productivity.

ProFeeder Compact XL has 5 spacious trays 780 x 620mm, that can be used with details up to 160mm height, working with Airlock or Mechlock locking system. That makes it safe and easy to maintain by the operator.

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