ProFeeder Compact for mounting Robot

The Profeeder Compact for mounting robot is a unique self-sufficient solution that provides automation to the production with a very compact footprint. It includes universal mount for cobots suitable for 99% of known models and built-in controller compartment.

ProFeeder Compact for mounting robot is a complete "All in one" automation solution. You don't need any robot pedestals to use it, because cobot has to be mounted on the top of the robot-cell. Thanks to the universal mount - the cobot can be fixed at an angle of 45° or 0°, that provides 100% access to the entire surface of the built-in trays.

The product can be equipped with 3 x 60kg trays for 120mm maximum parts height or 4 x 120kg trays for max. 80mm.

This compact robot cell is like an extra pair of hands for smaller series production. The price of ProFeeder Compact for mounting robot is budget friendly, and allows it to be used as the first step towards full production automation.

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