Robot pedestal from EasyRobotics is a highly compact and cost-effective solution, that is made to fixture any collaborative robot brand, such as: Doosan, Kassow, Hanwha and UR.

Collaborative robots or cobots are the most recent technology that is shaping the dynamic of a manufacturing world. The impact is both on small- and large-scale businesses, as it helps in expanding productivity. Mounted on a robot pedestal or robot-cell, they are designed to share the workspace with people, helping them in monotonous work.

EasyPedestal is a cost-effective and smart robot pedestal, that can be operated not only in combination with the highly efficient ProFeeder or ProFeeder Compact but also used individually. It is suitable for various types of machines, in different workstations. ER robot pedestal is a very adaptable product and when it works in combination with ProFeeder Compact it produces tremendous results. It is one of a kind tool that is created for the purpose to support the users in ways that can be essential in making the collaborative robot more efficient.

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