EasyDesk is a universal robot workstation - a spacious and yet compact platform with 3 different tabletops. Suitable for 99% of modern collaborative robots, the workstation aims to help manufacturers increase production, automate processes, improve profitability and reduce wages.

A new workstation for robots from EasyRobotics is constructed from solid 6mm steel, and has three different tabletops suitable for different applications.

  • EasyDesk Tray  - spacious stainless steel robot worktable with 96 universal spots to accommodate parts.
  • EasyDesk Alu  - spacious cobot table for mounting of all types of clamping equipment or parts for processing. 
  • EasyDesk Welding - robot welding workstation with plasma nitrided steel tabletop with laser cut 16mm holes, suitable for clamps and fixtures.

EasyDesk platform is a user-friendly workstation series compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots, all CNC machines and any type of conveyor belt. It is carefully designed to simplify the automation process and speed up a wide range of production applications. The setup is easy, because the product is delivered 90% assembled. All you need is to mount the cobot, install the controller and start producing.

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