EasyPalletizer is a compact palletizer, designed for the purpose of making palletizing easy and mobile inside a factory.

It is built upon the popular industrialized design and function in which all EasyRobotics products are recognized for stable and robust designs.

EasyPalletizer can be equipped with robot arm from several manufacturers as well as Lifting module from SKF.

The compact palletizer from EasyRobotics consists of a Europallet sized consoles consisting of compartment for; robot controller, cables, hosts and lifting module from SKF or pedestal. The EasyPalletizer is designed robust with 300 KG of total weight without robot and lifter mounted. Each side of the product consists of a docking system for pallets that measure the placement of the pallets.

The palletizing is a term used in the industrial language; it is a process of arranging products on pallets in a specific order. As technology is advancing, more often we see the use of robotics palletizers in the packaging field. The industrial robots are used to avoid repetitiveness of workload and support in moving heavy elements.  The most common thing in an industry that requires to be palletized is cartons and boxes. The use of automation and mechanization has helped in easing out the arrangement of goods on the pallet. It is now more important than ever to have a user-friendly palletizing technology installed on your factory for packaging purposes.

EasyPalletizer is a platform for making palletizing effortless and smooth. It can be equipped with a robot arm that has various useful advantages for the packaging industry. The inclusion of robotics in automation ensures flexibility, reliability, and productivity. The idea is to assist with short product life cycles, the latest packaging designs, different product variants, and batch manufacturing.

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