Since the VG10 does not require a compressor or compressed air, it is compact and easy to move, giving you more flexibility in your production line.

The flexible arms and the adjustable vacuum of the VG10 Vacuum Gripper allow the VG10 to handle different objects of different sizes.

It's a double gripper - you can control the left and right sides of the vacuum gripper independently, giving you more flexibility in your production line.

Seamless integration with the robot of your choice.

The gripper is equipped with a double gripping function, a tool changer and various typical vacuum heads. In addition, a large number of third party vacuum heads are available commercially to suit any application.


  • Out-of-the-box implementation - connects to the robot arm and squeezes the gripper around the product - ensures fast productivity and ROI.
  • No external air supply required, reduces maintenance costs and speeds implementation.
  • Double gripping function ensures a shorter cycle time.


Features and benefits:

  • Dual gripping function, A and B channels can be programmed individually
  • Integrated software
  • Configurable suction cups
  • Built-in electric vacuum
  • No external air supply required
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