The RG6 Gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper that has a built-in OnRobot Quick Changer. This Quick Changer makes it much easier to change the gripper's movements without sacrificing the range of motion or gripper's possible positions. There is no longer a cable on the side, this cable is integrated in this gripper, which makes it possible to change gripper quickly and easily. The RG6 Gripper also works seamlessly with the Dual Quick Changer and all other OnRobot grippers, maximizing robot usage.

The gripper is easy to use and compatible with a wide range of collaborative and light industrial robots.

With a 160mm stroke, the RG6 can pick up a wide variety of items. And with an even more powerful engine, the RG6 is now firmer than ever. This flexible, versatile gripper can help you expand the application possibilities you can automate, from machine operation and pick & place to assembly, packaging & palletizing.


  • A flexible gripper can be used for a wide range of parts sizes and shapes
  • The Plug & Produce design reduces the implementation time from a day to an hour.
  • Easy implementation with out-of-the-box grippers, reduces programming time by 70%


Features and benefits:

  • Gripping indications
  • Automatic tool center calculation (TCP) (OP UR)
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Automatic depth compensation (only on UR)
  • TÜV certified
  • Adjustable force and stroke
  • Automatic calculation of the load (Only on UR)
  • Integrated software
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