The RG2-FT is an advanced gripper with added feel and intelligence, capable of controlling the robot (on UR) and itself to realize what the operator desires, even when the exact parameters cannot be programmed in advance. This allows real cooperation with human operators to be achieved, in exactly the same way as would be the case with a colleague.


  • Accurate detection improves production quality by reducing defects by up to 60% in delicate pick-and-place processes
  • Easy-to-program detection allows the robot to act as the operator's third arm, with human-like parts handover.
  • The ability to automate insert tasks that were previously not possible can reduce operating costs by 40%.


Features and benefits:

  • Sophisticated technology with built-in F / T and proximity sensor
  • Precise and simple depth compensation (UR only)
  • Detects workpiece using proximity sensor
  • Integrated software
  • Detects slipping hazard before it happens
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