Gecko gripping technology was originally developed in NASA's laboratories as a tool for collecting defective satellites and other space debris, as well as for applications on the International Space Station. After these early years in space, the Gecko Gripper is now used for more earth-bound purposes - gently picking up items with a smooth surface or items with holes in the surface that cannot be picked up with a traditional vacuum gripper.

The Gecko Gripper uses millions of micro hairs that attach to a surface using powerful van der Waals forces - just like climbing geckos. As in nature, the Gecko can grip and lift any flat and smooth surface without requiring compressed air or any other external force. Simply with the easy gripping technology for Pick & Place applications. Since the Gecko lifts without compressed air or any other external force, you have a more efficient and cheaper solution.


  • No compressed air consumption, saves maintenance costs and ensures a faster payback in just 5 months.
  • Precise gripping technology that leaves no markings increases productivity in pick and place tasks.
  • Innovative gecko technology makes it possible to grab flat, porous objects such as PCBs to expand automation capabilities
  • No external air supply required, reduces noise and dust.


Features and benefits:

  • Nature-inspired bonding technology
  • No external air supply required
  • Load up to 6.5 KG
  • Built-in proximity sensor
  • can detect if a part is present
  • Integrated software
  • Unique technology for flat and smooth objects
  • Objects with holes, such as PCBs, are easy to handle
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