VersaMotion servo amplifier 110W/750W

The VersaMotion servo amplifiers are designed for a wide range of motion applications. They support simple standalone positioning capabilities with up to 8 saved motion profiles or can be connected to any motion controller using an analog or pulse command interface. The serial interface supports multi-drop system configurations and Modbus communication protocol.

  • Versatile analog (speed or torque) or pulse command interface
  • Position / speed / torque mode
  • Dual operating mode
  • Standalone mode for single axis position control for easy point-to-point motion control
  • Electronic transmission with user-defined ratio
  • External JOG function
  • Speed / torque limiting operation Built-in keyboard / display for installation and diagnosis
  • Motor set-up time less than 1 ms for quick response
  • Low speed stability and performance: less than 0.5% error at 1 RPM
  • Acceleration time of 10 msec from running without load - / + 3000 RPM

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