PACMotion VFD Integrated Drive Solution

Advanced control platform

Limited cabinet space and complex start-up procedures are the types of challenges typically associated with older frequency converters. GE's next generation VFD solutions are compact, simple and uniquely suited for fans, pumps, ventilation systems, transportation, metalworking, tool manufacturing and material handling.

Skip the control box

Standard IP55 and IP66 enclosures allow installation without a cabinet in dirty environments or in jet spray washdown locations such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Fieldbus flexibility

Add functionality to your Fieldbus system without advanced engineering or C ++ and C # programming. GE's PACMotion VFD modules come with pre-configured modes that can dramatically decrease boot time and significantly reduce controller load. Simply enter your parameters and go.

Easy engine start-up

A standard inverter route shortens start-up time on portals, cranes, hoists, conveyors, turntables and pick-up systems. Freewheeling functionality protects against reverse input and eliminates the need for braking resistors. Get started faster with a flexible design that offers power ranges from 0.25 to 250 kW and a wide range of communication protocols. Options such as braking resistor, line chokes, line filters, output chokes and output filters allow you to quickly adapt the PACMotion VFD to your requirements.



  • Robust design
  • Exceptionally compact
  • Easy access mounting slots for quick installation
  • Easy start-up and configuration options - "connect and drive"
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easily accessible wire connections at the front
  • Laminated help card with quick reference to parameters and wiring
  • 32 kHz PWM for quiet operation
  • On-board diagnostic tools
  • IP66 for jet spray environments
  • IP55 for dirty environments

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