RX3i CPE400

The PACSystems Rx3i CPE 400, part of GE's industrial internet control system, is a hypervising, multicore and result optimizing controller. It is now possible to combine real-time deterministic control with physics-based analysis to securely connect to industrial data directly on the machine. Controls can now be programmed to dynamically impact business results, generate new revenue streams, and improve profitability. It is designed for superior performance in applications such as water and wastewater, metro, industrial steam, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, modular machine design and other diverse applications that require a compact footprint combined with high performance, flexibility and reliable application-specific control.

Reduced risks

Built-in security protocols and a broad suite of cybersecurity technology help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates, and protect against the man-in-the-middle.

Reduced life cycle cost

Advanced functionality simplifies system architecture leading to lower engineering costs. In addition, our result-optimizing controllers can provide software upgrades, patches and anti-virus updates from a central location, with minimal system disruption.

Reduce time to market

Scalable performance and multiple form factors support a wide range of industrial applications.

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