PACSystems RX3i CPL410

Lower life cycle costs

Advanced capabilities simplify system architecture and reduce applied engineering costs.

Maximum uptime

Based on the leading PAC Systems high availability solutions, CPL410 provides a best-in-class high availability operating system for simultaneous maintainability and elimination of single failure points, maximizing uptime.

Reliable high speed performance

The CPL410 operates on a real-time control system enabling it to deliver reliable and safe industrial applications. The CPL410's generous RAM provides space for large programs and extensive data storage, meaning it runs programs faster than ever.

Advanced security

The controller is secure by design and enables secure operations and connectivity from edge to cloud.


Compact and easy to install

Tailored to your needs

The RX3i CPL410 is a flexible and powerful control system ideal for a range of applications including water / wastewater, subway, industrial steam, automotive, chemical, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, modular machine designs and much more ... with high performance and flexibility to perform application specific checks.

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