RSTi Slice I/O

RSTi's compact, distributed I/O delivers long-life, higher-performance solutions that are easy to configure, manage and upgrade. Ethernet-based RSTi I/O improves communication via PROFINET, a super-fast, open protocol that enables the enormous amount of data generated by devices. RSTi I/O unlocks continuity, connectivity and collaboration for your control systems.

Simplify system design without sacrificing performance

Equipment builders are constantly improving their performance while reducing their size and complexity. These requirements are documented in the high performance PACSystems RSTi distributed I/O. RSTi I/O expands the capabilities of PROFINET compatible GE solutions with a comprehensive line of granular slice I/O that simplifies design and reduces the overall size of the control panel to provide superior performance, connectivity, maintainability and expandability.

Decentralized I/O reduces costs

The distributed nature of the RSTi allows a machine builder to design sections with distributed I/O drops to the field equipment, reducing the cost of field wiring. Decentralized I/O systems can be easily disassembled and reassembled with a standard, ready-to-use Ethernet cable versus hundreds of wires back to a centralized control box. The compact RSTi I/O line allows the user to “tailor” the application, minimizing costs and panel space. Robust "slide and lock" design provides easy, safe installation.

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