The RSTi-EP external I/O system is ideal for industrial Internet applications. It features an extended operating temperature range, improved diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity and high channel density.

Intuitive integration

The RSTI-EP offers excellent performance and response time - the high-speed system bus reads up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 microseconds. It offers intuitive I/O mapping for quick and easy integration into your application and maximum power reserves for future applications. RSTi-EP has higher backplane speeds than the original RSTi I/O and provides growing complexity in machine and factory automation with powerful flexibility and a consistent user interface.

Real-time remote diagnostics

The RSTi-EP's integrated web server and advanced diagnostics allow remote system failures to be identified, eliminating the need to travel to the machine, saving both time and money. The web server allows the operator to view errors and firmware that can be upgraded over the web, making startup easier and increasing availability and productivity without additional tools or software. RSTi EPA lays a strong foundation for installation, machine commissioning and service applications with robust and easy to use signal connection.

Higher performance in Half the space

The innovative RSTi-EP I/O is a powerful combination of sleek layout, high density and small footprint. It can accommodate up to 64 modules and 1024 I / O points per drop, but the 11.5mm I/O drives - the smallest in the industry - maximize space. The powerful 4A system bus power allows to power 64 I/O modules directly from the network adapter, saving power modules and simplifying planning and execution.

Plug and Play installation

Consistent I/O cabling interfaces make installation quick and reliable. Color-coded connectors reduce cabling errors and significantly reduce installation times. Better yet, no tools are needed for I/O wiring connectors, saving time and effort. Complete machine modules can be cabled and put into production via a streamlined commissioning process. Single-row connection level facilitates wiring, installation and service. Separate power supplies for inputs and outputs reduce the number of power modules and save space; and specific sections can be activated or deactivated without affecting production, thanks to the independence of the input and output buses.


  • Wide range of communication options
  • Hot swap capability
  • Diagnosis of plain text via integrated web server
  • On-module LED
  • Maximize closet space
  • Integrated SIL3 safety

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