Industrial 10/14-port PROFINET Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Reliability and visibility directly from PAC Machine Edition

You need flexible, simple management and supervision of your control networks. But you can't compromise on robustness or uptime. Our PROFINET Managed Gigabit Ethernet switches enable all these check boxes. They combine the power of 1 GB Ethernet ports with software management via PAC Machine Edition and automated traffic priority management and integrated topology configuration. Support for network ring redundancy and PROFINET System redundancy maximizes uptime and saves you time and costs in troubleshooting.


  • Extensive temperature range. Designed to perform in harsh environments
  • Compact design. Reduced panel size and installation costs
  • Redundant power inputs. Help to ensure system uptime
  • Fast network recovery technology. Fast (<10 ms) recovery speed protects mission-critical data from network outages
  • Compatibility and Connectivity Compatible with third-party Ethernet switches
  • Web-based network configuration program. Simplify network configuration, maintenance and implementation

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