Increase productivity

Streamline your system and simplify development and maintenance by relying on one powerful device for your operator interface (OI) and operating requirements. The Quickpanel + connects people and machines with actionable data and insights to improve operations and increase productivity. Using Windows Embedded Compact 7, it offers a fully functional HTML 5 browser and multimedia support.

Greater flexibility

Plug and play interoperability results in ease of use and implementation. Use serial and Ethernet connectivity. The Quickpanel + can be used with multi-vendor controllers and I/O for fast and smooth integration, even in complex systems. Enjoy the functionality of a PC - such as remote desktop, web browser, built-in peer networks, FTP and HTTP servers - without the IT hassles.

Improved user experience

The Quickpanel + features the latest display and multi-touch technology for an exceptional user experience. The capacitive multi-touch screen is built to last in an industrial environment, but is just as sensitive as a smartphone or tablet. The high-resolution display provides vivid, clear images and improved process visualization. Double tap to zoom or just swipe to navigate.

Simple in design

The panel makes it easy to communicate with data from connected machines without IT support. Quickpanel + offers the functionality of a PC, but boots up in seconds. A multi-touch, capacitive touchscreen means it's easy to navigate within system-wide data.

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